PAX Centurion - January / February 2014

Page 2 • PAX CENTURION • January/February 2014 617-989-BPPA (2772) Proud supporter of the Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association Membership available to those that live or work in a community of Norfolk or Suffolk County, as well as, City of Boston and Commonwealth of Massachusetts employees and their families. Have some important expenses coming your way? City of Boston Credit Union has loan options that can help. • Home • Auto • Tuition • Vacation • Back to School Check out our Home Improvement Loan—a great alternative to getting those much needed updates, without using the equity in your home! For current rates and guidelines visit or call 617.635.4545 Boston City Hall (617) 635-4545 Dorchester 1010 Morrissey Boulevard (617) 635-1313 West Roxbury 77 Spring Street (617) 635-2300