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Meet the men and women of the BPPA who serve and protect the city of Boston every single day. Learn why they became officers, what they love most about their jobs and what they think a lot of people get wrong about the police. Watch their stories and discover the difference between media-driven perception and fact-based reality.


Officer Artie DePinho

Officer Artie DePinho connects at-risk citizens to the services they need to survive and thrive. See how he serves the community with kindness and compassion.

Officer Andrew Medina

On the night of May 31, 2020, Officer Andrew Medina was right in the middle of the riots in downtown Boston. His story is both terrifying and inspiring.

Officer Cynthia Brewington

Working with the youth of Boston is what Officer Cynthia Brewington loves best about her job. Guiding, advising and mentoring local kids is her mission and her calling.

Officer Elvis Garcia

When Officer Elvis Garcia took over the youth football program in his community, he gave kids from rival neighborhoods a way to get to know each other and become friends.

Officer Michael Jones

As part of his role in the Family Assistance Unit, Officer Michael Jones helps care for families of police injured in the line of duty. He knows firsthand how tough this job is.

Officer Peggy Aquino-Ricard

Officer Peggy Aquino-Ricard is a role model for the young people in her district. Learn how she helped one young man find the right path by listening and caring.

Officer Tim Hancock

Being an openly gay policeman hasn’t always been easy. But in today’s BPD, Officer Tim Hancock has found trust, respect and acceptance.

Officer Will Chen

Growing up in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood, Officer Will Chen saw a lot of crime and violence. Today, he’s dedicated to helping the youth of his old neighborhood succeed.